Achieving green trust inlow price productthrough perceived

Rizka Zulfikar, Lamsah Lamsah, Syahrani Syahrani, Teguh Wicaksono


Some study   had done research about the role of green perceived value, risk and trust but unfortunately mostly the previous done on   green electric product also known as premium price product and not many done in low price product.  This research was undertaken to examining the role of green perceived value, risk to improving green trust on low price product such as FastMoving Consumer Goods (FMCG).  The researchwas a survey research using an onlinequestionnaires as an instrument. Population and sample used in this research were the community of   South Kalimantan - Indonesia as many as 300   respondents.The analysis technique are contructs validity-reliability test; the suitability of the models based on the goodness of fit index,pathways analysis, and the Influence test using Structural Equation Model.  This research has found thatThe effective contribution of perceived value on community trust (21.4%) is higher than the contribution of perceived risk (13.4%). From pathway analysis, our result areneither the perceived value nor perceived risk have indirecteffect on community trust, andbased on the effect test, we found perceived value have a  significant effect but the perceived risk have no significant effect on community trust toward   green low price product such as FMCG.


Product; effective contribution

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